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Schools & Athletic Laundry Service

School uniforms get dirty, but sports uniforms get filthy. No matter what the sport, whether it is football, baseball, volleyball, or soccer, the uniforms are going to get some challenging stains. Running around a field will cause sweat stains, dirt stains and grass stains. Our athletic laundry service is designed with these types of stains in mind. 

We have expert launderers and commercial grade washers and dryers that can take on those tough stains. When you use our service, we will pick up your dirty laundry and wash, dry and neatly fold everything for you. When we return your clothes they will be clean and ready to wear. 

We will do the same for school uniforms, whether they are grade school school, middle school or high school uniforms. School uniforms are worn to display pride in your school as well as to encourage discipline. You want to make sure that they always look clean and tidy. When you utilize our student laundry service your students will always look their best.